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Some children see a visit to the dentist as a new and exciting adventure while others might not be the happiest campers when you tell them about their appointment. Our friendly team always tries to make every dental visit into a positive one, but what can you do on your end to help encourage your child to come in and show off their smile?

Great dental health starts at home. If you teach your child about the importance of brushing and flossing each day and maintaining a healthy smile, they will be more apt to get excited about coming to the dentist, knowing they’re going to get a gold star for their hygiene record.

Once they are at the office, we’ll also do everything we can to help keep them entertained while you are waiting to see the dentist. We have many entertainment options for children in the waiting room and during their dental exam. This can help curb their anxiety about their visit.

You are more than welcomed to join your child in the examination room, where the hygienist will carry out a complete cleaning followed by a check-up and talk with the dentist. Even if your child has excellent at-home dental hygiene, it’s important that you use this as an opportunity to have a professional and their tools fully examine your child’s mouth.

Your dentist will be able to look for the signs that your child’s teeth are coming in strong and healthy. They may also be able to suggest tips for improving your child’s dental hygiene and spot any issues that can be addressed sooner rather than later.

If your child is due for a dental exam in Greeley, schedule their appointment with our office today.

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